Blog is about all positive things happening in Pakistan. Pakistan is being adversely advertised in our very own Pakistani media and the International media.

We are into tourism trade in Pakistan and we find Pakistan lot different than what our so called “great” media specially the Pakistani TV Channels like GEO ARY DAWN etc portray and very drastic image of a country which they themselves live in.

Here are few things which we as tour operators note in Pakistan.

There has been no tourist harassed or killed in Pakistan
Pakistan is the most beautiful country in the world it is not a statement it is a universal fact one has to come to see it.
Pakistan produces minimum amount of trash in the world.
Every thing in this country is recycled, making it a real green country.
The paper and plastic used in Pakistan is fraction of what is used in a city in the west.
Pakistan has the oldest urban civilization.
When you walk on a street of Pakistan 99.99% of the times you are not bothered by purse snatcher thief or robber.