How to increase productivity of employees with just a Chair

Your employees are your company’s asset. Hence it is upon you how you want to use your resources. People choose better companies because of their working environment, salary and better infrastructure. Furniture like desks, office chairs, tables, and other fittings are a part of an infrastructure. If you want the best performance for your employees, you need to know how to increase productivity of employees and you have to provide them a good infrastructure with better resources and comfortable furniture sets.

How to increase productivity of employees

Back pain

Awkward or uncomfortable chairs can create back pain issues. According to statistics people who work in an office where they don’t get better infrastructure, office resources, and comfortable furniture sets, suffer from back pain, neck pain, eye problem and others. Before purchasing, you can consult with an ergonomist to get and idea about which chairs are better for health.


Furniture sets that are used in offices are good if they allow easy movement, can be adjusted easily, perfect for long hour work, eco-friendly and allow you to maintain good body posture. These are the salient feature of good office furniture sets, but finding all these traits in furniture sets if an arduous task. This is where an ergonomist consultation can help you.


Armrests are very vital parts of an office chair. For instance, if you are working long hours in front of a computer, then you need armrests to relax your hands. If your sitting furniture doesn’t have armrests, then your arm may get tired and heavy, which will prevent you working long hours. Finding chairs with adjustable armrests is vital if you want to increase productivity of employees in the workplace and full of energy throughout out the working hours.

Height adjustable

Today height adjustable chairs are available in the market. You may don’t like the height which is perfect for your other colleagues. This is because everyone is different in all aspects including height. You may need to adjust the height of your chair to ensure that you can sit in front of the computer for a long time.


The material of the furniture which it’s made of is also important. A chair made of quality materials will last longer, provide comfort and increase productivity to employees. This will allow your employees to work in their comfort zone, production level will automatically increase. This is how to increase productivity of employees in the workplace by giving them comfortable environment.

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Swivel Office Chairs Can Help Raise Your Profit Too

Everyone in the office works hard every day, nine hours a day or more, usually five days a week. You want to make the most out of every minute of your workday because the income of the company relies on the performance of every employee working on every floor of the building. You cannot meet with them every day, but you want to see to it that they can accomplish the tasks that are assigned to them without any delay. One way is to provide them a clean and organized workspace. Aside from the office design, you have to provide the proper facilities.
If you want your employees to be more focused on their work at hand rather than their backaches and other body aches due to the long hours of seating, choosing some swivel office chairs is the best option. This kind of chair is adjustable so it can cater to every user’s preference. It back alters according to how the user wants his inclination to be when working. There is a knob at the back of the chair that the user can manipulate so that the back angles accordingly.

With swivel office chairs, one can adjust the seat height using a lever. There are proper angles of the arms and thighs when it is positioned in the same manner for long periods of time. The feet should also lay flat on the floor to prevent some strain on the lower part of the body.
These office chairs have an armrest so your arms can level to your table without exerting any effort. You can use it to allow your arms to rest after a couple of hours of typing as well. Though there are swivel chairs that do not have this feature, those with armrests are still the greatest option.
Every swivel chair has wheels attached to its base. This is designed as such so that the user does not have to stand up every now and then just to get something that is unreachable when sitting down. The small wheels that can go a full three-sixty turn make it easier for the user to navigate through the workplace and get what he needs without even standing.

Swivel office chairs are designed for the comfort of the user. Take this fact to your advantage and let your employees work at ease so that your profit will flow continuously as well. If you are looking for a decent chair which fits your height and weight also maximize your comfort level read Best PC Gaming Chair article for more information.