The filmy November of the arising lollywood had just through a bash of four block busters which rock the cinema and take lollywood to the moon. While Bollywood may be a no-show in Pakistan, our film-makers are surely beyond the mark . No, we are not exaggerating and once you go through this article you will agree that November was quite a filmy month where 4 Pakistani film of completely different genres rock the floors.

Golden Era of Lollywood Film industry 

Let’s begin the talk with “Dobara Phir se” Full of complicated relationships, unlikely romances this movie is all about the journey of love and friendship and finding one’s way in life . We like the ensemble cast ofcorse and under “Mehreen Jabbar’s” direction the final product ought to be good. Still confused? Check out the trailer. Haven’t u been to cinemas to see the romantic fusion of comedy love and friendship in “karachi se lahore“.And For all the traveling lovers beauty seekers lollywood have better options they presents“Lahore se agey”. The sequel of the much loved ‘Karachi Se Lahore’ this one tells the story of Moti (Yasir Hussain) and rockstar Tara ( Saba Qamar) who are on a road trip to somewhere ‘Lahore Se Aagey’. If the trailer is anything to go by this comic road trip which starts from Lahore and goes on capturing all the enchanting northern areas of Pakistan which will surely be a treat for the eyes!  The movie has amazing sound tracks and we get to see Saba Qamar dancing. O lala !!.
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As far as The new and throbbing thriller is concerned , have a look at “Rahm” This film is based on William Shakespeare’s play Measure for Measure and the plot revolves around  honesty, unity, morality, justice and the dichotomy between corruption and purity. This film will surely be a ground breaker as it will be the first translated version of “Shakespeare’s” play on a big screen. We can’t wait to see this one. Aren’t we still cracking nuts with the “Bolly vulgar” .


I’m seeing the revival of golden era of lollywood it comes to the peak of success. When humor meets legends it results in “Jevan Hathi” A 60 minute dark-comedy film about the Pakistani media which highlights all the underbelly corruption and malpractices that take place. It will do this via exploring the extent a media person who goes to get the highest ratings for their content. The duo of Fasih Bari Khan and Hina Dilpazeer is something to look out for, add to that Samiya Mumtaz and Naseeruddin Shah in the cast and the direction of Farjad- Meenu makes this one a treat and cherry on the cake.


As young teens we used to relate the Rambo and Commando of Stallone and Arnold to Maula Jutt.  A scene from Maula jatt in london giving a holler “Oaayyy Maulayaaaa,” and Jutt has the intuition in Punjab that his sister needs him and he starts running and reaches London. These films of 80’s were the biggest hits of the era. We must treat films as they are, “a momentary flight away from reality,” for pure entertainment. Say no to vulgarity and give a hifive to the revival of lolly cinema.

Go for a Pakistani movie!!!!!


Just rush to the booking office and grab the passes for the thrilling action and fun. The upcoming  “Saya E khuda E zuljalal” is all set to be released in 2017. This film is starring Arbaz Khan, Rambo, Jia Ali, Noor. Planning for a movie before ain’t acceptable but nowadays it’s a desirable activity as well, and the choices, whether in terms of showtimes, cinema locations or the films themselves, are extensive. For a country where an entire generation grew up without ever having seen the inside of a cinema, a new cinema going culture has arrived and is by all accounts being embraced with the greatest of enthusiasm of the new film makers and revival of Lollywood.

Article By Habiba Syed