12 Things You Should not Say To Pakistani people

Did you recently meet a person from Pakistan? Do you want to be friends with him forever? Well! that is not something difficult. People of Pakistan are totally cool with being friends. They are the best people with all the qualities of a good loyal friend. If you really want to keep going with them in a good friendship bond then you must avoid asking or saying them a few things. Here is the list of such things that you should not say to People of Pakistan and  friend with these reasons:

  1. Hey You Speak Good English:

Well! like all other nations people of Pakistan can speak English and they are really good at that. Their English speaking skills are too good and they find it insulting if you tell them that they are good at English. Actually, the truth of the matter is that they reckon this compliment as a sarcasm for the reason that developed nations do not consider them well read. So, if you truly find your friend’s English good then do not even think of giving him a compliment over that.

2: Why You People of Pakistan Aren’t Allowed to choose Your significant Other:

To be honest, Pakistan is a country where most Muslims reside. In Islam, the choice of the person regarding his/her significant other is the first thing that needs to be considered. So, mostly they choose their better halves on their own choice. Here we must mention that the ideals of Pakistani people are fine and are totally up to the needs of the changing time.

3: Has your country developed in technology:

Oh! Man, this question is just going to make your friend mad at you. The reason behind is that Pakistan is not a country that lives in the stone age, as told by the international media, rather it moves with the changing time and it has everything that a developed country needs. From television to vacuum cleaner they have every appliance in their homes. Every other person knows how to use mobiles, PCs, and Internet. Even the 3 years old kid.


5: You People Don’t Date much, Right?

Not openly but they do. They are all the same as you but they date in a different manner. So, this would hurt your friend’s or any Pakistani’s ego if asked this question.

6: How Does It Feel To Live In Brick Homes?

This question will make you end up being really embarrassed. The cities, town and even villages of Pakistan are truly developed. They have cool homes and building made up of cemented bricks. In addition to that, these homes have good points, nice designs, and marbled floors. Your friend would start from the bricks and would end up at the basement cinema theater with sound proof glass in his home. So, we would suggest you to never ask him this question as people of Pakistan really like to be sarcastic at times as well.

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7: Why Do You People People Wear Red Dot On your Foreheads:

Those red dots are actually bindis. They have nothing to do with the Pakistani culture. If you have seen any Asian wearing that then that must be some Indian. Indian and Pakistanis are two different nations with different ideas and culture. If you would ask your friend this then he might feel bad for not being acknowledged as a person belonging to a nation with no separate identity.

8: Have you Seen Osama Bin Laden:

Pakistan might be seeing the problem of terrorism but that really does not mean that Taliban and terrorists loiter around freely on the streets or roads of Pakistan. It is a peaceful country and it’s people like seeing peace everywhere. For this reason, the terrorists have their own hideouts where they live. So, there is no chance of seeing any of them or knowing where they live.

9: Don’t You Hate Ideals Of Your Forefathers:

Though Pakistan is developing but it doesn’t mean that the ideals of old Pakistanis people here are not good.They are good and loved by the youngsters so saying something bad about the ideals of their forefathers is just not suggested.

10: Are you An Indian:

Never ever mistake an Indian with Pakistani and a Pakistani with an Indian.This is going to get you entangled into a great mess.


11: Have An Opinion:

Well! Pakistanis do not allow you to hold any opinion regarding any issue. Do not dare to hold any opinion in front of them because you would end up having an argument that would, in turn, take the face of a very big fight. So, it is better to hold your tongue in front of your Paki friend.

12: Mummy Daddy:

Being a Pakistani don’t call another Paki “mummy-daddy”. It is a highly offensive term to be labeled to any other person. They find it truly humiliating.

Muniba Masood

Muniba Masood is a member of Holy Pakistan

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