Food combinations that make you sick and shouldn’t be eaten together

Sometimes bad food combinations that make you sick and affects badly on our body only because of we make it unknowingly. Along with that, wrong food mix also causes food poisoning, stomach-aches sickness or many other similar problems.When we consume two or more foods having different taste and energy effects, they can overload the stomach, which results in inhibition of enzyme systems and generation of poisons.

bad food combinations that make you sick

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When we eat separately they become quickly digestible and also provide energy. Here is a list of such foods that shouldn’t be eaten together to stay healthy. Be strict if you have a weak digestive system.

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Bad food combinations that make you sick

  1. Banana and milk
  2. Tomato and cheese pasta sauce
  3. Eggs with yogurt is not safe
  4. Milk with acidic foods
  5. Don’t include lemon, vinegar or tamarind (imli) in Milk before drink.
  6. Don’t eat hot chapatti (roti) with yogurt
  7. The mix of a pickle with yogurt is unsafe
  8. Cereal or oatmeal with milk &orange juice
  9. Eating cherries and milk is not only extremely dangerous for your body but also It can even cause the death. The most famous death is President Zachary Taylor who died in 1850 because of such bad food combinations.
  10. Beans contain toxin especially kidney beans so soak them in water overnight then enjoy eating.
  11. Fruit should not combine with other food items because it contains simple sugars that require no digestion that’s why they will not stay for a long time in your stomach. if you eat it after the meal then the fruit sugar will stay for too long in the stomach

Understand the nature of your digestive system because everyone has a different body and experience various levels of sensitivity. Follow these simple rules for 3 weeks and let your digestive system rest so it will be more efficient and stronger.

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