How Pakistani Empowerment youth can help to bring change in Pakistan

Youth of Pakistan

Our empowerment youth makes up around 35% of its aggregate populace. Amidst crunching times, when we are facing extreme issues, for example, economic crises, terrorism, target killings, financial emergency, disunity and disunity, the burden to take the country out of the whirlpool is upon its youngsters.youth in pakistan


Pakistani Youth’s Role in Development of Pakistan

I must say that development of Pakistan or any other country is in the hands of it’s younger. Every nation has its change maker like the doctor, engineer, scientist. but mostly the students and youth is a big part of progress.

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Issues of Youth of Pakistan:

There are main problems we are facing

  1. Frustration
  2. Good educational institutes are very expensive
  3. Lack of support
  4. Health resource and awareness
  5. Lack of jobs


Teen problems

Empowerment youth: Energy to Speak

Another pattern has started to rise in the youth of Pakistan i.e. the ability to talk. About 10 years back, youngsters were not permitted to raise their voices against seniors. Regardless of the possibility that the elders were totally irrational about a specific circumstance or subject. We must have to react and speak up if we see something is happening in wrong way. For example, while visiting government hospitals there are many things can happen with you like the doctor is not available or he is busy with someone so he wants you to wait and other issues. We need strict system in hospitals

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Our Youth is Our Future

The unemployed younger need opportunities in order to enhance their skills and abilities to improve their self, because they are the engine of economic development of Pakistan. Similarly, planning at the national level it is necessary for maximizing the opportunities for our jobless people. And what the government needs to do is to focus on alternative possibilities to bring them at good positions for bright future.

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