How Muslim parents can keep their children on the right path

In these days it is not easy Muslim parents to expose our children to an ideal Islamic environment and to shield them from negative things. There are many factors to care for parents like health, education, and food etc but most important thing for Muslim parents is to worry about how to bring up their children in a good manner.
Here are few tips for Muslim parents to care about their children

Keep an eye on their activities:

If we want our kid on right path, it’s very important for Muslim parents to watch their activities. if you know what they are doing, what they want and how they behave then you can better understand their problems

Worship in front of children:

Children are easily influenced by surroundings so if you want your child to be a practicing and a good Muslim, you have to pray in his/her front and let them follow you. They will show interest in what you are reading or praying.

Don’t be strict & treat them kindly:

If we are kind to our children they will show kindness to other in return. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) life shows the best example of being kind to children.

Discuss daily routine:

Ask them what they did the whole day, how was school, how was the day, what’s new and all that. in this way, you will find many points that where you should correct you kid.muslim parents

Deliver good behavior in them:

you can better understand you son/daughter so you know how to deliver things in them so they can follow you back in same way

let them feel important:

iI teens feel they are important to parents they will be confident in life. Let them feel they are important by consulting them on family matters.

Pray with them:

Involve them in worship or let them listen to you when you read Quran, soon they will try to copy you. wake them up for Fajr and pray as a family. this thing will help for a kid to follow Muslim parents

let them feel pride especially in front of others

A reward is an effective tool for kids, specifically in the front of others. youngsters feel a feel of delight when their parentspraise them and will be eager to carry out other proper deeds. however, praise ought to be restricted to Islamic deeds and deeds of moral cost.

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An example for Muslim parents:

If you behave with your parents rudely then expect your children to do the same thing with you. If you are their hero they will follow yo in same way so don’t be rude to your parents and others

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Make dua after every sala for children and everyone

Trust on Allah. Talk with Allah

Dua is also a necessary thing for Muslim parents. If any thing goes wrong then Trust on Allah. Talk with Allah.

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