How to make money online in Pakistan on the internet

Making money on the internet is most discussed topic nowadays because of suddenly noticeable growth of information technology and improvements. Everyone especially our teenagers and students search for how to make money online in Pakistan without investment. Unfortunately, when most of us search about this earning on the internet to get some extra income by doing jobs online then he/she got 90% plus fake and wrong directions or may he/she get a job from untrusted website or person. For example, daily ads posting, email checking, clicking, automated AdSense income generator and much more scam sites which are the misuse of your efforts as well as your precious time and pays you nothing in return. So, today we will let you know some ways on how you can earn dollars in Pakistan if you are a college student and teenager.

Important questions and answers if you are not making money on the internet

Q: I have no skills, can I participate?

A: Yes, if you even don’t know programming or digital marketing, you can still be a part of running a blog or as a content writer.

Q: What are some best and fast ways?

A: Be patient, you are at right place and here you will find some good ways to be successful in the digital world.

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How To Make Money Online In Pakistan

how to make money online in pakistan

how to make money on internet

Start your Career with Blogging

If you are new in making money on the internet then I will recommend you to earn via blogging or from websites because this the only way for you to get hundreds of dollars in a single day and I love this business. Now the question is that how to earn from websites or from a blog? it can be complex for new people but let me clarify that you have to create a blog where you will write or provide unique content for your visitors. After that Make your blog or website popular on all major search engines to get more visitors from better search results. when you establish your website successfully, it’s time to apply to different advertising companies who pay you for advertisements as pay per click and pay per impression basis.

Do you know our Pakistani bloggers are doing this and getting paid 1000s of dollars per day? If you are serious about this method and don’t know anything about blogging then you can contact us we will help you to take further steps.


Get paid by skills

If you any skill in which you can perform more efficiently rather than others, like graphic designer, web development, SEO expert, and software engineer. You want yourself to be hired by someone then there are many websites that can help you to get your desired projects like and All these sites are 100% legit who pays for your works that you were done and they charge little amount as per project and ensure you about your payment from any project is secure which is delivered by third party companies.

You need to join on these sites, complete your profile, add your skills and don’t forget to include your experience if you have any and build a strong trustworthy feedback to maintain your rating to get more projects by these websites. You can browse for a new project, look for jobs related to your skills and which you can do on time then apply for it and get the task. If job poster picked you then submit your project within time and get paid in Pakistan by a third party Payoneer master card through ATMs

Sell your pictures

Pakistan is a beautiful place where you can make very nice and beautiful clicks of nature, places, animals, birds rivers etc. Then you may want to sell them so there are many sites where people can buy your images. if you don’t want to sell you can publish on, or other sites to get backlinks from different blogs to increase domain authority of your web and to get traffic

Websites where you can sell your images and generate revenue

  1. Shutterstock
  2. istock photo
  3. Fotolia
  4. Photomoolah
  5. SmugMug
  6. Can stock photo
  7. 123rf
  8. Fine art america
  9. Dreamstime

Earn with youtube

Youtube is very good and permanent source to make money on internet. Youtube is a Google company. so how to earn? you have to make some videos you can also edit videos and then upload to your channel to get paid. after you upload monetize them with Adsense. After that, rank your video lets say your keyword is how to make money online in Pakistan use this in your title, and description then it will come on the first page after some time. youtube will pay you when your revenue reaches 100$.

How to Make money on internet with Fiverr

Fiverr is a most popular website where people hire you for small tasks start from five dollars to 999 dollars. You can still get tasks if you have no experience and job history but you must have to provide quality work to your clients in order to get a good rating.

Let me tell you one thing, American people love to hire Asian because they charge less and deliver much. so it’s not hard for you to making money on the internet via Fiverr. join here

There are many other ways specially you can buy a prize bond and can check prize bond draw result. i hope know you know how to make money online in Pakistan but we have discussed only the most efficient and trusted ways which surely gives you results in sense of getting paid on the internet. Again we will recommend everyone to choose blogging as passion and build your blog by registering your own domain name today. For hosting & domain registration we can help or even set up your blog, write a unique quality content and apply for Google Adsense account  in order to make money on internet

If you have any question about how to make money online in Pakistan then comment below or give us some suggestions


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