Duties of husband: how to treat your wife in Islam with good relationship

A man has all the responsibility to ensure that he does justice with his mate because husband and wife relationship in Islam is very beautiful but sensitive as well. Men and women have equal rights and Allah made him her protector so don’t start fighting for own rights while we should take care of each other.
If we talk about Pakistan religious population there are many people who are many couples suffering many issues like beating, cheating, and such kind of careless couples spend whole life in this way. Just one first thing a couple needs is a “trust” but if anyone of them makes a mistake we should give him/her a chance to come back in relation. Do you know how would a Pakistani man react if his wife dated someone else? A girl who sacrifices her whole life for a new relationship with her mate so there are some duties of husband in Islam that should fulfill.
husband and wife relationship in islam

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What is husband and wife relationship in Islam?

This is what makes a Muslim family live happily and all about caring for each other. There are some do’s to care and to give importance to your spouse

Here are some Duties of husband in Islam

  1. Call her with sweet nicknames (the Prophet use to call Aisha “Aish”)
  2. Phone to tell her, “I miss U”,”I love U” when you are at work.
  3. Be doing things together with her, e.g. Cooking, eating, bathing Janaba, reading Quran, etc
  4. Treat kindly and offer everything that will soften her heart towards you (it’s a warning from the prophet on his last sermon at Arafat)
  5. Buy her gifts sometimes even if is candy (they love to be treated like a baby)
  6. It’s a good idea if sometimes you make something for her like coffee.how to treat your wife in islam
  7. Chat with her sometimes when you are together.
  8. Make yourself attractive to her always by smelling good (both mouth and body, its Sunna).
  9.  Never have intercourse without a “messenger” and always make sure that she is satisfied (Recommended by the prophet)
  10. Help her in domestic activities e.g. Cooking, washing, tidying up the room, etc, anytime you are available (it’s Sunna)
  11. Don’t be jealous of people who have a luxurious life because the “Rizq” is from Allah and you both must be thankful for what you have
  12. Honor her parents and buy them presents and gifts sometimes.how to make your mom happy
  13. You must Appreciate her for care and good things she has been doing for you and be thanking her for that always.
  14. You must let her know how much she means to you, how much you Love her and how lucky you are to have her in your life.
  15. Be carrying her to bed sometimes like a baby.
  16. Before criticizing her, praise her first.
  17. Don’t Reveal her fault in the presence of others.

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  18. Play with your wife any halal game (the prophet use to race with Hazrat Aisha)
  19. Teach her about the deen what she doesn’t know and encourage her on matters of the deen.
  20. Avoid hitting, beating or harming her (it’s not Islam)
  21. Encourage her to be wearing Hijab (it’s compulsory), praying the five times salaat at its fixed times and be fasting in the month of Ramadan.
  22. Thank Allah for the Hawa of your Life.
  23. Always remember her in your Duaa (prayers).
  24. Be the path she will pass to Janna.
All these things tell us that what is husband and wife relationship in Islam and how couples should live together as a happy family. May Allah give all Muslim men the understanding and patience they will need to become their protector and take good care of their wives for whole life.
If you find any mistake please let me know so I can make if correct.

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