Public Voice: Raise Awareness Of Problems In Our Society

It is not easy to change public thoughts and their direction but it’s possible if we try together. We need to find out our society issues and problems that are destroying your community and reputation. There are many ways to spread awareness in a society.

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Role of Media in Our Society

Media is a rich platform which can contribute in spreading awareness and a powerful source to deliver a message to society. Tv programs, Morning shows, and dramas do a lot in spreading awareness because when people talk about anything on this platform they actually talk directly with people that why role of media in our society is very important

Social Media

Social Media platforms have become an attractive, strong and free source to spread a news, a message. Have any information, thoughts, news, you can post it.  Social media platforms are very helpful for awareness. Instead of sharing jokes, love poetry and bad things, we must share better material to spread awareness in our societies. People spend hours on social media and they waste their time. Facebook allow you to create a community under your control. It is the best way to spread awareness of anything. We should join or create a community where we can share our problems and find a solution by discussion.


Movies are very effective and rich source to deliver a message. A romantic movie will give you romantic influence and a bad movie will give you a bad influence.

To Spread Awareness Through Children

Many programs can be held in schools to build the mental strength of your children, and we can give them a specific direction. Gathering of parents in schools for different purposes (like how can build our community) can help a lot. Every school must hold one ceremony in which guests should be invited from society to raise their voice.

Write For Society

People who can write must contribute by sharing their thoughts through writing. You may write short stories, essays, news articles and publish them on social media or blog to deliver it to your people.


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Learning From Other Countries

We can analyze how other countries and societies have been built and became a progressive.

Share what you Gain

When you learn something from reading, or you gain something from your personal experience just share it with others. If you have something very creative and valuable people will follow your direction.

Self Improvement

self-improvement is very important to improve a society. It’s because people makes a community together. learn how

Now one thing you have to do is comment below with your thoughts and tell us any problem in your society and may you want to share your suggestion.

Muhammad Zubair

My name is Muhammad Zubair. i am a a journalist and writer. i love to write about social issues and women rights in Pakistan

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