We required Some very bold steps to change the police department of Pakistan

Police is a very important part of a country in every situation to maintain law and order in society. Police in Pakistan is very corrupt nowadays. There are many problems that public and this authority facing.

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Political influence

Make officers independent of any political impact. Political impact in each office is truly harming Pakistan. practically every criminal has political affiliations. Resultantly, regardless of the possibility that a criminal is captured, he is relieved under the control of politics. In case if an officer tries to change the system, he got transferred. Transfers, hiring, and postings, all should be made without any political control


Computerization of the data. If a SIM card requires a thumb impression and PTA has all the record then the department should also have the date of thumb impression of every person lives in the country.

Corruption & Easy to join

Anyone can easily join this force if he can give some money to authorities. It does not matter that he is fit or unfit for the police department. so if a policeman comes through a corrupt authority he will follow the same thing

Lack of resource

Officers must have all modern devices available to every station. If you go to any police station in local areas it will give you an impression you have come at an extremely disgusting place. We need improvement in stations and modern technology like forensic laboratories and making them accessible to Pakistan police.

Lack of Training

Pakistan police do not have any proper training. They do not even know what to do in a terrible situation. The concept of modern police has changed but we fail to introduce it.

Their salary

Increase the salary of a policeman. When a person is earning  Rs 20000 a month, how can we expect him to abstain from getting involved in corruption? Even the tuition fee of a nursery student is about Rs 5000 per month. so in such system, he  will not “say no to corruption

Pakistani people pay them by their tax. we pay to every government servant even we pay to our president. so how they can do anything wrong with us??

We have to deal with all these things and it is possible. we must have to make it possible. only police are not responsible for all these bad things actually, we make them corrupt. we have to change our self.

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Muhammad Zubair

My name is Muhammad Zubair. i am a a journalist and writer. i love to write about social issues and women rights in Pakistan

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