You must know these interesting things if you are going to stay in China

interesting facts about china

Here are  25 interesting facts about China and Chines people. China is very rich in history and customs. Every should learn tradition, customs, history of a country you are about to visit. There are many religions that Chines people are following. There are many things and interesting facts about China that non-chines think weird. Let’s see

  1. WeChat is everything and everyone use it, it’s like FB and Instagram in China.
  2. QQ Chat is another popular social media software. A lot of people use it and it ranks second in terms of popularity.
  3. Chines people drink hot water because they think it can cure any disease.
  4. Chines people take bath with hot water even in summer because they think that it is a secret of healthy life
  5. Chinese people eat everything like cats, dogs, snakes, monkeys, pigs, chickens.
  6. For Muslims, it’s very hard to find Halal food items.
  7. Many people think that all chines eat dog. They eat but not all of them actually very few eat dogs.
  8. If you can speak Chines mandarin you can understand people from Beijing, not all from China because they speak little different.
  9. Air pollution is terrible however life still goes on.
  10. Chines people drink hot water because they think it can cure any disease. Learn more about best water boilers
  11. A few people can be rude but I found all people meet nicely.
  12. You can get amazing and cheap stuff from Taobao website  (Taobao is an online shopping website like eBay)
  13. Each city has a huge amount of museum due to chines long & rich history.
  14. It’s more secure country than Europe and America.
  15. You should be better than average at heading to drive in China
  16. It’s difficult to think that each place in China is so extraordinary
  17. Shanghai is a famous city that never sleeps.
  18. There are so many foreign stores and shopping center In some parts of Shanghai. so you feel like you are not in China
  19. There are a few beggars and if a beggar is asking money from foreigner then your chines friend or other people will interrupt him because they respect foreigners
  20. China covers all fields of Industry from making cheap products to sending people into the outer space.
  21. You will find that public transport is very cheap and very clean.
  22. Almost all Chinese Taxi drivers will ask and get some information about your nationality, name, the purpose of visiting, and job. Better figure out how to answer those in Mandarin and they will admire your chines language skills
  23. Try not to eat Szechuan Food, they will be excessively furious and severe for your untrained expat stomach. You can taste it after some time
  24. Chinese New Year is the greatest thing here and you will see the biggest crowd at the train stations to move on.
  25. China is very advanced in internet and technology. if you order anything online you will pay via wechat, even restaurant bill too.
  26. English is an important subject in China and people spend thousand of RMB (chines currency) to learn English.

You will experience all these interesting facts about China while visiting. One thing that comes to know is Pakistan and China Relationships are increasing in every field of life. CPEC is building a very strong relation b/w them.

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