What To Eat For Glowing Skin, 6 Super Foods For Skin Care

Being the largest organ in the body, skin deserves to get the best care not only for its role in protecting your body from outside bad effects, its functions of feeling and balancing the temperature, synthesizing vitamins B and D; but also for the important meaning to the human beauty. However, there are a lot of threats to your skin when the pollution is more and more serious and the weather’s extreme is more, too.

Your skin has to encounter various problems every day: acne, wrinkles, fine lines, sunlight, etc. All of these are damaging your skill without any mercy. Luckily, scientists have concluded that your diet could have direct impacts on the skin. So what to eat for glowing skin? They found a lot of superfoods which are the good friends of healthy glowing skin. In this article, we will supply our readers with some of them.

healthy glowing skin

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What To Eat For Glowing Skin


Being one of the best natural skin moisturizers, avocado is a good food for skin care and it performs excellently to prove its rank. This great fruit contains a wide range of vitamins: C, E, K that plays the important role in protecting your skin from sun damage and wrinkles. Bad effects from smoke, pollution and other environmental factors are also possibly avoided with that high amount of vitamins. Additionally, avocado is a rich source of proteins and healthy fat which is good assistance of the healthy and smooth skin. Folic acid, potassium, and magnesium are also available in avocado. These are all essential minerals for the healthy glowing skin.

Avocado can be applied easily by many methods. Directly rub ripe avocado’s pulp onto your skin several times a week for the good skin complexion. Also, you may try to make avocado facial homely by making the paste of smashed avocado and milk. Apply this on your body or face for 10-20 minutes before rinsing off with water. And of course, the best way is still to add avocado in your diet right from this lunch.


Another great advice to keep skin healthy and smooth is to add almonds to your basic diet. Being one of the best suppliers of vitamin E, almonds help your skin to nourish. Almond itself plays an important role in protecting the skin from getting the damage of sun’s ultraviolet rays. This great nut contains a high content of anti-aging properties and a lot of different antioxidants, which are the great support for your skin to avoid fine lines, wrinkles, acne and other aging signals. Fatty acids in almonds are also well known for reducing inflammation and swelling. Thanks to this function, almond is ideal for treating skin problems like psoriasis, eczema and skin disorders such as severe back acne.

Almonds can be consumed directly as a snack or added to fruit salad, yogurt or various types of other dishes. Notice that almonds also contain high calories content, so consume them in proper moderation.


What to eat for glowing skin

What to eat for glowing skin

If you don’t know what to eat for glowing skin then I recommend Orange is one of the richest and most famous sources of vitamin C & a great food for skin care, the important component with the task of repairing, maintaining and producing skin cells. This vitamin is also the best supporters of your skin’s texture and color. Besides that, vitamin C also has the ability to prevent your skin from a lot of early aging signals. Plus, oranges contain a wide list of other nutrients. Complex B vitamins including folate and vitamin B1 in this super fruit are effective in improving blood flow, resulting in your skin getting more oxygen and nutrients. This is the best supports to keep it fit and radiant.

You can enjoy the benefits of oranges in many ways including directly taking it as a snack ( A small amount of any food eaten between meals), making the orange salad or consuming orange juice.


Containing a high content of anti-aging antioxidant called lycopene, tomatoes are the great help for your skin to protect itself from sun damage. Also, great properties acidic in tomatoes are really the best support to fight against dark spots, acne and various other skin blemishes. Being a rich source of vitamin A, tomatoes also help your hair to get stronger and shiny.

Tomatoes can be easily added to your daily basis diet as it is the most popular vegetables. You can also try tomato pulp mask daily if you want to get a healthy glowing skin.

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Another superfood which cannot be ignored in the list of supporting food for skin care is blueberries. This magic fruit contains the high content of vitamin C, which plays the same role as oranges to keep your skin collagen healthy. This effective antioxidant also plays important role in improving skin defense. Moreover, blueberries are also rich in quercetin and anthocyanins. These special chemicals are two of best factors helping your skin to reduce the inflammation and restore the toned and radiant skin.

Consume blueberry juice every day is the most popular way to apply blueberries method. Besides, you can also add blueberries into yogurt or cereal and enjoy them daily.


Despite containing a high content of vitamin C like oranges, use of lemon is not neutralizing free radicals or generating skin collagen and elastin (maintain the healthy and firm skin by binding skin cells). Lemon owns another ability which makes it special and more valuable than ever. It is the alkalizing function. This fruit is famous as one of the best alkalizing foods with the richness of minerals. Additionally, lemon can help much in balancing the pH level in your body. This is essential for maintaining you the healthy glowing skin. Though lemon cannot be eaten directly, you can consume it by drinking lemon juice daily.

Now you know what to eat for glowing skin and I hope that you found this article helpful.

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